NovoNail Softening Cream

NovoNail Softening Cream

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NovoNail Softening Cream is a rich, indulgent cream indicated for moisturizing and softening your dry, cracked, calloused, and/or rough skin of the feet. It is fragrant free, long-lasting, and the absolute favorite cream of NovoNail podiatrists and their patients. You can also use it to thin out thickened nails in order to make them softer and more porous, making them easier to cut and file, helping any antifungal topicals be more effective, and making any laser treatments more effective. Stop suffering with dry skin and wasting money on other lotions promising the world. Reach for NovoNail Softening Cream… your skin will thank you!

NovoNail Softening Cream is not recommended for use on the face.